2. Creating Work Orders – SC


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If you have encountered an issue while performing an inspection or you have to report an unforeseen issue, Archaio makes it easy to create Work Orders and request assistance from ServiceChannel.

If reporting during your regular inspections, click the Create Work Order button above your inspection status options.

If the issue is not in your regular list of inspections, click the Wrench icon and select Create Work Order, then tap the issue’s location on your floor plan.

Next, confirm the issue’s details, including: Area, Problem Type, Asset Type, and Problem Code.

Tap continue and Archaio will check existing Work Orders to ensure this is not a duplicate issue.

If a pre-existing Work Order already addresses this issue, you can cancel.

Otherwise, click continue.

Review the list of completed Work Orders, tapping on them to view their details. If you see that your issue is related to one of these Work Orders, tap the Recall button to connect the two.

Click continue to the Create Work Order Form.

If you have already captured notes, photos, or videos as part of your regular inspection, you can click to attach them. You can also add new ones here.