What Southern Star Shipping says about Archaio

Atlantic Bulk Carriers and Southern Star Shipping have equipped their maintenance and engineering staff with the Archaio Solution. This simple change from the manual, paper and pen inspection to a digital, mobile solution has increased their overall efficiency and safety.

Here’s what they have to say about Archaio’s asset and facility inspection software solution.

Video Transcript:

John Coumantaros (President): “The Archaio system is very innovative and brings technology to the maritime sector.

Previous to having the Archaio system, inspectors would go with a clipboard and they would take photographs and they’d write a report. Now they just have their mobile app in their pocket which they have anyway.

The Archaio system is excellent because it stores it remotely and then when you have access to the cloud it puts it up in the cloud. We now have it on board the principles 22 vessels.

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