At Archaio every day we get to work with people who run facilities that have an impact on people’s lives: whether they entertain people (Wimbledon, LA Live), save lives (BMI Hospitals), or are the backbone of global trade (Atlantic Bulk Carrier), among others.

In short, we work with amazing, inspiring clients; and today we’re proud to announce that the Rudin Management Company will be using Archaio’s software solution to help manage the inspection process at several of their New York City properties.

“We are very enthusiastic about the Archaio solution and are looking forward to using their patented software as we believe it will help us maintain the appearance of our properties at the highest level”, Gene Boniberger, SVP, Director of Buildings Operations for Rudin Management.

At Archaio we can hardly contain our delight: “Archaio is proud to have entered into an agreement with the Rudin Management Company. Our solution is designed to streamline and report in real-time the inspection process and we are pleased that such a prominent New York City property owner has identified Archaio as the digital solution to this manual, paper based process” says Roy Judelson, Founder and Chairman, Archaio.

We wish the Rudin team a warm welcome to our platform. You guys make us look forward to Mondays!

The Archaio team